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2022 Foals

      Steppin Out I Am Uniquely Wicked

Beautiful Black Colt -ASPC/AMHR

Dam: Chance of Golds Unique Q Too

Sire: Erica's Trotters Im Something Wicked

AMHR Sweepstakes foal and futurity nominated AMHR and ASPC

He will be going to Nationals   SOLD

      Steppin Out Rockit Man

Stunning Silver Bay Colt -ASPC/AMHR

Dam: JHK Marios Barbie

Sire: Erica's Trotters Rip Ride and Rock It    SOLD

      Steppin Out Jess De Nightful PHR

 Silver Dapple Colt -ASPC/AMHR

Dam:  Comferts Afternoon De Night

Sire:    McCarthy's Jesse James of Rivenburgh.  SOLD 

      Steppin Out Fireball

Chestnut Colt -ASPC/AMHR   dob 6/18/2022

Dam:  PHR Amaretto Sout

Sire: Little Chaps Smokin Taxi

      Steppin Out Midnight Serenade

Black Pinto Colt -ASPC/AMHR   dob 5/7/2022 -available

Futurity Nominated ASPC/AMHR

Dam:  Mulligans Run Music Of The Night

Sire: Little Chaps Smokin Taxi  SOLD

      Steppin Out Shes A Smoke Show

Black Filly -ASPC/AMHR   dob 6/8/2022

Dam:  DCF Voters Secret Ballot (Silver HOF)

Sire: Little Chaps Smokin Taxi

     Steppin Out Dior 

Chestnut Filly -ASPC/AMHR   dob 5/25/2022

AMHR Sweepstakes foal AMHR/ASPC Futurity Nominated

Dam:  Cross Country Break The Spell

Sire: Little Chaps Smokin Taxi

     Steppin Out Diamonds Are A Girls BF

Chestnut Filly -ASPC/AMHR   dob 6/7/2022

Dam:   Heir Diamond of Rivenburgh

Sire: Little Chaps Smokin Taxi

      Steppin Out Drink By Design

Bay Filly -ASPC/AMHR   dob 4/27/2022

Dam:  Steppin Out One Cute Design

Sire: PHR Gentleman Jack

      Steppin Out Indian Princess

Born Sooty Buckskin (will be grey)  Filly -ASPC/AMHR   dob 4/14/2022

Dam:  Cherryville Kings Shawnee

Sirea: PHR Gentleman Jack

      Steppin Out Million Dollar Baby

Grey Filly -ASPC/AMHR   dob 5/8/2022

Dam:  Double K's Lana Del Ray

Sire: PHR Gentleman Jack sold

         Steppin Out Whiskey Sour

Bay Colt  - ASPC/AMHR. dob 6/12/2022

Dam:   Steppin Out Sugar Rush

Sire:  PHR Gentlaman Jack

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